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 Unless you're blind or take absolutely zero notice of this community, you may have realised that there's been a certain lack of posting for, well, AGES. That's really due to my VCE and family issues, but to be honest, I'm missing this place, making icons, sharing interests with you guys!
Expect sporadic posting from now on guys!
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*waves* ohai thar! more like mega-hiatus
I know right! So so long, year 12 is about slaying me!
Dude, it's been forever, is everything ok now? :3
Everything's ace! If only it weren't for year 12, yikes!
Aww, you can do it, you're a smart cookie. :D
yey!! :D
Good grief, your icon? Unffffffff haha :3
I made that one!! :D love me some Alex Riley ;D
I hope everything is going okay. Looking fiorward to seeing more of your icons and graphics in the future. ^^
It is! School's just been an absolute KILLER to suffer through haha!
Awhies, thank you! I'm getting onto making some right now :D
yayyyy tegan is back (':
eeeeeeeee, so excited!! :D

adorable icon lovely!
me too!

thank you, it's yours (;