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Fanmix - Supernatural - Castiel

Title: I May Not Be Worthy In Your Eyes
Fandom: Supernaturak
Medium: Television
Subject: Castiel
Spoilers: Nada
Notes: Individual songs and zip :D

Crossroads // Avenged Sevenfold
I may not be perfect
but I've always been true.
I may not be worthy in your eyes

Frozen // Within Temptation
I would stop running
if I knew there was a chance.
It tears me apart to sacrifice it all
but I'm forced to let it go

When We Die // Bowling For Soup
I thoughI should tell you,
if it'snot too late to say.
I can put back all the pieces,
they just might not fit the same

Descending Angel// The Misfits
Mortal life is brief
for the rebel angels.
They make their final stand
and soon you'll be alone

So Cold // Breaking Benjamin
Show me how it ends, it's alright
Show me how defenseless you really are
Satisfied and empty inside
Well, that's alright, let's give this another try

Young // Hollywood Undead
We will fight or we will fall
till the angels save us all


Ack, my very first fanmix! I've  wanted to make one for AGES but never really got around to it aha.
Hope  you enjoy!
OH. If, for some reason, you use the covers?Puh-lease credit :)
Tags: fanmix, supernatural
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